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First, a good vein in the mountain must be found, then blocks that are several metres high get cut, after which they are sawn to reveal the best nature and pattern. It is the marble itself that determines the best processing.


Quarries of natural materials are in constant evolution that is why selecting the most suitable stone and defining a range at an early stage is the key to the success of a project. Natural stone in general has a very complex production process where several steps have to be followed to reach a perfect and successful result. It is the aim of Stone Made Italy to make the stone world more accessible by professionally consulting constructors, developers, fit- out companies, shipyards, architects and designers.

Working together with a cooperative of marble producers and skilled professionals, our projects range between residential, hospitality, outdoor and urban spaces, architectural facade cladding and commercial buildings. For selection, inspections and quality control checks Stone Made Italy’s team travels the world from the far east until the tip of Greece. We can organise samples, provide images, arrange quarries and range selection visits, advise on procurement strategies.


“Whenever you can see with your own eyes how complex that process is, you can only have more respect for this material. A quarry visit is always a striking and unforgettable experience” says Manuela Rotta, founder of Stone Made Italy.

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