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There are unbelievable many types of marble, from pure white with subtle veins to expressive with sharp colour contrasts and crazy patterns. Natural Stone distinguishes itself from other materials like metal, wood or plastic. Marble has a rich history full of symbolism. It has an aura of timelessness due to the classic applications in visual art but it is also extremely contemporary and versatile.


Carrara (Tuscany) where Michelangelo got the marble for his David is the main centre of the stone world but at the same time Italy is an open-air showroom for uniquely crafted stones which have been there for centuries. Churches, fountains, urban spaces, ancient villas but also everyday utilities. Did you know that in order to save weight and material, two marble slabs of only 7 millimetres thickness can be glued like a sandwich on a honeycomb panel? Therefore stone constructions can be made relatively lightweight and can be easily installed.

Bringing the colourful stones of the world closer to you.

Stone is an extremely durable material which can be re-worked, reclaimed or up-cycled. Whoever makes something out of marble basically makes something for eternity. Stone has an aesthetic durability and celebrates the artisanal qualities. At the same time, it demonstrates the most modern techniques for processing marble as efficiently as possible.

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